BLOG 35 April 10, 2017 MEET SUSAN

On day after her husband left the family, Susan strolled down the street. With each step, she felt more rejected and discarded. The feeling of being disclaimed kept growing. Susan kept looking at these trash bins lining the curb and feeling like she had been dropped into one of them.

Suddenly, Susan heard, “You are rejected, discarded.” She realized a person she didn’t even know was her mortal enemy. Another woman wanted to destroy her. Never in her life had she had such a feeling, but she knew some specific person wanted to demolish her.. Her heart filled with fear.

Susan turned around and ran through her garage door and into the den. When she fell on the rug oppression swept over her. Once again, Susan wept profusely. Finally, she grabbed her Bible and cried out, “Help me.” When she opened the scripture, she read, “For I, the Lord your God, will hold your right hand, saying to you, ‘Fear not, I will help you’.”

She instantly knew the Lord was speaking and present in her despair. Susan read again, “I will help you.” She looked at the page twice. “Those who contended with you, those who war against you shall be as nothing, as a nonexistent thing.” Susan stared in amazement. Nothing could be clearer. God had spoken.

As had been true in the past, the Lord used the words of scripture (often out of context) to send her a clear, decisive message. The heavenly Father used the Bible to speak and bring reassurance in the midst of her despair.

Susan realized never had she been more free. She had received a miracle.

When she reflected on what had occurred, Susan recognized God had reversed the order of what she experienced strolling down the street. She walked, felt rejection, saw trash cans, ran, and knew she had an unknown enemy. However, when the Holy Spirit intervened she discovered she was chosen, not rejected. Her fear and rejection were reversed. When she cried out for help, he answered with a Biblical promise. To combat this unknown enemy, the scripture promised strength. The enemy would become nonexistent.

Later she learned the name of the women who was chasing her husband. This person had blatant disregard for his marriage.

Susan sat up and raised her hands in air. She began shouting, “I love you God! More than anything in my life, I love you!” She kept praising God as the realization settled in that she had also crossed the bridge from loving the idea of God to loving and adoring Him in the deepest possible personal way. The divine intervention had taken her to an entirely new place of personal relationship.

As the years have gone by, Susan has rebuilt her life. She is highly successful and continues to walk a path in which God can speak and does.

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